Rings About Disgusting Agreement Crossword Clue

Answer: LAKE DISTRICT. The solution is an angram of TRAILS TICKED. In the context of the indication, you can check a list of hiking trails while crossing the Lake District. Another anegram that works well. I say (Ragas, man!) * as well and italic anagrinds in the indications. 2. Informant on the restrictive commune in Epping (4-7) 22. Surely the Chilean capital is somewhere in the Andes (5) Easier weather this week after the Toughie holiday on Monday and, overall, another good `one that offers a number of good indications and steady progress. Answer: ERELONG (i.e. „soon“). The solution is EL (for „the Spanish article“, i.e.

Spanish for „der“), ON (i.e. „on“) and G („golf“ in the phonetic alphabet), all of which are around or „start“ RE (i.e. „an“ or above – think email responses) like: E (RE) L-ON-G. I`ve been shooting about it for a while, and it seems like the best solution I can have, but I`m not really cock-a-hoop on top. Using ON for „about,“ just to then use the UI for „on,“ seems strange, like a circular reference in a table or something like that. [Read this back.] A bloody hell, I`m a geek. The social dynamism of the world of the cross, a nice crossword and other ways to question with friends during social distancing. 16. Is the drink fake? One euphemism (7) Answer: NOONDAY (i.e. „twelve [PM]“).

The solution is D (a recognized abbreviation for „girls“ – usually singular) and AY (i.e. „actually“, both of which mean „yes“), both of which mean according to or „following“ NO-ONE (i.e. „Almost nobody“ – (sighs) I can see what the Setter is trying to do here by passing NOON as no-ONE with his last letter (marked with „barely“) while he is also trying to pass no-ONE as „almost nobody“, and hoping to get away with adding a back question mark at the end. But no. No one is the same as „almost nobody.“ For example, there is a big difference between „no Covid-19“ and „barely Covid-19“. If the Setter had written „almost nobody“ in the index, then everything is sauce, because then „barely“ would indicate that no one would be abbreviated. Sounds like that`s a bad indication to me. Yellow card.) like this: (NO-ON) -D-AY. 46. Ring friend abroad about kit for art in Tokyo (7) Response: ABUSIVE (i.e. „offensive“). The solution is I`VE (i.e.: „this person“ – we`ve seen this sneaky pun lately: „this person“ is a contraction of „this person has“ (it doesn`t matter if the index no longer scans well as long as it hides what the Setter is playing); from the setter`s point of view, it corresponds to „I have“, what contracts to ev) „on“ or according to A (i.e.

. .