United Rentals Equipment Rental Agreement

6. USE OF DEVICES. The customer will not use or authorize the device: (i) for illicit purposes; (ii) without a licence, if required by current law; (iii) or who is not qualified for the operation. The customer undertakes, at the customer`s sole expense, to comply with all laws, regulations and regulations (including those relating to occupational health and safety) that may apply to the use of the device. The customer must not put or install vehicles in the propulsion tank that must be registered and registered for use on a highway or other public road. CUSTOMERS AGREE TO DEFEND, INDEMNIFY AND HOLD UNITED HARMLESS FROM ALL FINES, PENALTIES AND COSTS INCURRED BY UNITED DUE TO DYED FUEL BEING INTRODUCED INTO THE TANK OF SUCH VEHICLES. The customer agrees: (i) check the filter, oil, liquid level and tire air pressure; (ii) daily cleaning and visual control of equipment; (iii) and United immediately in the event of repair or maintenance of the device and to stop using the device. The customer acknowledges that United is not responsible for verifying the device while in the customer`s possession. United has the right to replace the device at any time and for any reason with other reasonably similar devices. Unless the customer informs United in writing at the time of signing the lease, the customer assures and guarantees that the customer enters into the lease only for commercial or commercial purposes, and not for personal, family, domestic or agricultural or farm purposes or related to the operation of a farm, ranch or forage, and that the equipment will not be used for such purposes. x. Other taxes; Other.

All other fees listed on or in the rental agreement are charged at the prices specified in the rental agreement. All costs listed in the rental agreement as a daily price are due and payable for each full or partial rental day. The rental of the vehicle will continue to be paid until the vehicle is returned to United or, if the vehicle was stolen in the customer`s possession, until the customer reports the theft to both the police in the jurisdiction where the theft was alleged and United. These customer equipment maintenance services and services, while CFS provides fleet management services for customer-specific aircraft using United`s own technology. So far, CFS has focused on industrial customers – in oil and gas, manufacturing and industrial facilities – and is also destined to expand into construction. „Tanks“ refer to equipment identified as leased goods as part of the fluid solutions services in which the customer stores materials. For more than 20 years, United has had a landlord rent management system called Total Control, which provides customers with access to account information, including invoices, invoices and leases, and helps them find equipment and manage costs. „We are pleased that our alternative to the procedure has led to this agreement that is beneficial to our shareholders,“ said Brad Jacobs, Chairman of united Rentals. „This transaction is a loan to the thousands of United Rentals employees who have created unparalleled value in our industry. Ten years ago, we started with United Rentals, there will be no more than one concept, and in just 13 months we will have achieved industry leadership. The new app is a gateway to United`s cloud-based total performance tool, which allows you to view leased and clean devices in a customer`s fleet. A.

ONLY IN CALIFORNIA: If one of the devices is energy-powered or energy-powered excavation or drilling equipment, it is the customer`s responsibility to comply with the requirements of the regional law on the direct lines covered by Section 2 (from Section 4216) of Chapter 3.1 of Division 5 of Title 1 of the Government Code.