Fairfax County Residential Lease Agreement

one. No landlord can claim or receive a security deposit of more than two months of periodic rent, whether it is a surety or a value greater than two months. In the event of termination of the tenancy agreement or the date on which the tenant evacuated the unit, depending on what happens last, such a deposit, whether it is a property or a sum of money held by the lessor as collateral in accordance with this section, can be paid exclusively by the lessor on (i) the payment of the rent accrued , including reasonable fees set in the tenancy agreement for late payment of rent, to apply; (ii) payment of the amount of damages suffered by the lessor as a result of non-compliance with the art. 55.1-1227 of the tenant, less reasonable wear and tear; (iii) other damages or royalties in the lease; or (iv) actual damages for breach of the planned lease. 55.1-1251. The surety and any deductions, damages and costs are broken down by the lessor within 45 days of the end of the lease, in a written notification to the tenant and the amount of the tenant`s right. From the date the lease was terminated or on the date the tenant evacuated the unit, depending on what happens last, the tenant is required to deliver the property of the unit to the landlord. If the termination date is before the expiry of the tenancy agreement or a renewal of the tenancy agreement or if the tenant has not properly terminated the tenancy agreement, the tenant is liable for the actual damages after . 55.1-1251, in this case, the lessor must make a written notification within 45 days on the imposition of the guarantee, but may object to any financial obligation of the tenant to the lessor of this chapter or the tenancy agreement. The tenant dismisses the apartment with the termination of the lease, the landlord can make an action in illegal detention after .

8.01-126.C. Nothing in this section is interpreted by a court or in any other way so that the tenant, at the end of the lease, entitles him to an immediate credit on the tenant`s rental account due to the surety. The lessor applies the deposit in accordance with this section within the 45-day period prescribed by paragraph A. However, if the lessor has made a written notification in accordance with this section, the lessor may withhold a reasonable portion of the deposit to cover an amount of the balance owed on the water, wastewater or other account, which is a tenant`s obligation to a third party under the rental agreement of the unit. , and in the event of payment of these obligations, the lessor must, within 10 days, submit to the tenant a written confirmation, accompanied by the payment of a balance that belongs to the tenant.