Evergreen School Division Collective Agreement

8.4 Replacement teachers are paid retroactively for the wage gap between this contract and last year`s contract for the days of service prior to the signing of this agreement. 15.4 All requests for improvement of the profession must be made to the House until March 1 before the school year in which the professional improvement leave is to begin. 13.1.4 (b) The teacher may be entitled to a salary with a maintenance allowance under section 11 of the collective agreement for the period of illness or disability. 5.10 In addition to the section 5.3 treatment, compensation is paid on the recommendation of the Superintendent, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, for other supervisory staff in the school system. 10.2.2 The payment of this service is set at 1/200 of the teacher`s base salary for each agreed working day. A teacher who works beyond the aforementioned period is not entitled to additional remuneration unless the mutual agreement is reviewed. All agreements under this section must be written down. The days earned are not counted as an experience for incremental purposes. 5.5 The payment of administrative allowances under Article 5 of this agreement begins to accrue on the effective date of the appointment and continues until the end of the appointment. 15.10 A teacher who is on leave of professional improvement undertakes in writing to resume his duties upon the end of his leave, and he does not resign from the magisterium or resign from the magisterium for a period of at least two (2) years after the resumption of his duties. 7.2 The number of years of learning accumulated by a teacher prior to the Board`s commitment is counted as taught at the school under the jurisdiction of the Board of Directors.

5.1 In a school with two or more teachers, the board of directors designates a teacher as head of school. 3.1 The Board of Directors pays teachers included in the scope of this agreement the salaries set and calculated in this contract. All amounts are „per year“ unless expressly stated otherwise. 15.8 In the case of career improvement leave for less than a full school year, the salary covered by section 15.6 is pro-rata. 10.4 The date on which a teacher is required to perform the first day of service in a school year is announced by the Council no later than four (4) calendar months before that date.